Melvyn, please see the compliment received from one of my tenants.

Hi Gen,

The carpet guys just finished. Due to lift maintenance they had to wait a bit for final repairs.

These guys were very good! As soon as the steamer guy finished around the side tables or legs of the bed, the other guy cleaned the furniture immediately with a clean cloth. As they left the apartment, another guy mopped behind everyone. Even the switches at the power points were returned to original position!!

Courteous and professional they did what they said AND said what they would do. In and out, effective (carpets look much cleaner), efficient, and very friendly. Who are these guys? What company are they with?

Oh, the shower glass was picked up and moved to other side of room. When they finished cleaning that side they returned the glass EXACTLY as it was originally. They asked before they touched the glass.

It warms my heart that professionalism is not a lost ethic.

Warm regards,